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From Approaching retirement?

The little mistakes that can ruin your retirement

No matter what your plans for retirement, being financially comfortable is the bedrock

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From Planning to retire

The downsizing delusion

While your home might be your castle, there are good reasons why you shouldn’t rely on it for your pension

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From Adapting to retirement

How to argue so you both win

More time together can mean more time going round and round in circles arguing about the same old things. But arguments don’t have to be this way

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From Saving for retirement

7 things you can live without

Saving pennies now could rack up the pounds later – here are a few ideas on how to cut spending and save cash for your pension or other savings

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The method man

The Breaking Bad star talks about leading a double life, how on-stage kissing led to his lifelong love of acting, what it’s like disrobing on camera and the secrets of a successful marriage.

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