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7 things you don’t think you’ll miss about work (but you probably will)

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The average retiree gets bored of life in retirement just 10 months after leaving work. Here’s what they miss

The workplace banter and colleagues

54% said the retirement glow wore off because they missed the camaraderie they had at work.

Your job title (and the feeling of importance that goes with it)

Lots of people define themselves by what they do for a living – even carrying this over into retirement. How will you describe yourself when you are retired? 

The stress and satisfaction of a job well done

Skipton found that once retired, four in ten felt their mind was no longer being pushed and still felt capable of completing a full time job.  

The routine of a 9-5, five days a week

Loneliness, boredom, and the feeling of ageing quickly were all cited as reasons why retirement wasn’t as enjoyable as they had imagined.

Time away from the other half

Four in ten couples find it impossible to live with each other during retirement as they’re just not used to spending so much time together after working for so long. 

Being kept busy and out of the house

19% of retirees thought daytime television was ‘awful’,  24% said the great British weather stopped them getting out and about as much as they would have liked, and 14% felt were taken for granted a little by family.

Your salary!

31% struggle to cope without their monthly wage packet.

Is there anything about work that you miss? Let us know below, have your say in the Forum, or head back to ‘Keeping busy in retirement’ 

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This article has been commissioned by retiresavvy and any opinions voiced are the author's own.


I so agree with this - except for missing the salary as I am fortunate to have a good pension. However, my husband (who retired 2 years before me) took to retirement like a 'duck to water' and doesn't relate to any of these comments. I just expected to settle into retirement as easily as he had, but ended up getting a part-time job (not in my original field) a year after I had retired.

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