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About retiresavvy is an online community dedicated to helping people plan for and make the most of retirement and later life, created and supported by Skipton Building Society.

Retiresavvy features practical tips, guidance and real life experiences for planning and living in retirement. It is managed by a dedicated in-house editorial team and brings together insight and analysis from award-winning journalists, bloggers and retirement experts.  

We want to encourage lively debate and conversation – on our Forum, our Facebook page and in the comments section below our articles. If you have an opinion to share about making the most of retirement, we want to hear it.

Retiresavvy is created and supported by Skipton Building Society. As a mutual building society, Skipton is committed to improving lives through a wide range of community-based activities.

Skipton Building Society realised there was an urgent need for a resource like after research it conducted showed that two in five people were not confident in their own financial plans for retirement and a similar proportion felt they were underprepared for their retirement.

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