Adapting to retirement

It’s normal to feel daunted by retirement. But make the most of your post-work years with ideas and advice from others who have done it.

Do we all need a shed?

Are you parallel players or joined at the hip? Lee Rodwell asks how much time couples should spend together.

How to argue so you both win

More time together can mean more time arguing about the same old things – going round and round in circles without getting anywhere. But arguments don’t have to be this way. Lee Rodwell explains.

Better second time around?

With divorce and remarriage in later life on the rise, financial journalist Annie Shaw explores some of the major legal pitfalls to avoid

Silver separations

Why do some couples split while others stick when retirement hits? Lee Rodwell looks at how retirement can affect relationships

Selling your annuity – still more questions than answers

From next year, about five million pensioners will get the right to sell their annuities. Retiresavvy looks at what this could mean for you

Generous to a fault?

Increasing numbers of grandparents seem to be turning into the Bank of Granny and Grandpa and risking their own standards of living in the process, new research has found

Financially stretched retirees fear unexpected costs

The average retiree has less than £1,500 put aside for emergencies and worries about money issues, according to a new survey


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