Real retirement stories

Picturing the retirement you want is the first step towards achieving it. Read our real-life stories for ideas that might work for you.

Cindy Crawford: Heavenly beauty, down to earth

Turning 50 earlier this year, the supermodel opens up about struggling with her self image, family life and her career.

Dear Mum, it’s over – what to do if your children divorce

How should you react when your son or daughter tells you their marriage is on the rocks? Lee Rodwell investigates

Julie Walters: An education

Retiresavvy presents an exclusive interview with Educating Rita and Harry Potter star Julie Walters

Take the #357challenge

The New State Pension works out to a ‘wage’ of just £3.57 an hour. Could you live on that?

Top Gere

Age and fatherhood have mellowed Richard Gere, but don’t ask him what it’s like to look in the mirror. Retiresavvy presents an exclusive interview with the man himself

Bill Murray: Maybe down but never out

Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day star Bill Murray opens up about battling with his emotions and turning his back on Hollywood

Naturally speaking

Sir David Attenborough, Britain’s greatest living naturalist, talks about returning to the Great Barrier Reef, the risks posed by climate change, and the food in Venice

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