Staying healthy in retirement

It's important to stay fit and healthy in retirement. Here you'll find tips and articles about staying in shape both mentally and physically, along with health issues that might affect you.

How would you cope if you lost your partner?

Losing a loved one is a horrible thought – but by planning now you can help make dealing with the aftermath easier.

Relationships: Small Steps, Big Changes

Could your relationship do with a New Year make-over? Lee Rodwell asks the experts for their tips

A roof over your head

We’re running out of suitable houses for older people – is the solution to build upwards? asks financial commentator Annie Shaw

Over-age drinking – are we at risk?

Heavy drinking brings up images of young people out at the weekend. But what about those of a more advanced age who enjoy a tipple? Lee Rodwell investigates

Get fit on the cheap

Getting fit needn’t cost the earth. Kara Gammell presents tips on how to work up a sweat without breaking the bank

Are you pushing the right buttons?

Couples who have been together for years know each other’s tastes and habits. But, as Lee Rodwell explains, that level of intimacy can lead to trouble as well as contentment

Hearing loss: Did you call me a penguin?

More than four out of ten people over the age of 50 have some kind of hearing loss – and this can have a big impact on relationships. Lee Rodwell explains why


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