Pensions explained

Stay on top of the latest developments in the pensions landscape, from saving to investment and the regulations that affect your retirement.

What’s the outlook for interest rates?

The Bank of England’s interest rate has been low since the financial crisis. Is a rate rise on the horizon, and what can you do to protect the value of your savings?

Financial jargon you need to know

Louise Ashford explains some of the key financial terms you need to know to navigate the confusing world of finance

Fighting pension fraud

Pension liberation scammers want to separate you from your hard-earned savings – financial journalist Gill Wadsworth explains what to look out for

Take the #357challenge

The New State Pension works out to a ‘wage’ of just £3.57 an hour. Could you live on that?

Making the most of pension drawdown

If you’re looking to take advantage of the pension freedoms then the markets, tax and fees might be on your mind. Financial journalist Gill Wadsworth looks at what you need to know

How to retire at 55

If you want to take advantage of the pension freedoms available from age 55, here are a few things you should consider

What’s the difference between financial guidance and advice?

It has never been more important to make the right decision at retirement, so be sure you get the right help, says pensions journalist Louise Ashford


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