Pensions explained

Stay on top of the latest developments in the pensions landscape, from saving to investment and the regulations that affect your retirement.

Making the most of pension drawdown

If you’re looking to take advantage of the pension freedoms then the markets, tax and fees might be on your mind. Financial journalist Gill Wadsworth looks at what you need to know

How to retire at 55

If you want to take advantage of the pension freedoms available from age 55, here are a few things you should consider

How much State Pension will I receive?

Knowing how much you can expect from the State Pension is an important part of being able to plan for retirement

A sacrifice worth making?

Salary sacrifice cuts what you pay to the taxman while boosting your pension, and you don’t have to be wealthy to benefit, says financial journalist Michelle McGagh

Where can I go for help with my pension?

Whether it’s finding a lost pension, getting investment advice or making a complaint, retiresavvy looks at where to go for help with your pension problems

Say goodbye to the State Pension?

Will your children and grandchildren be able to expect a State Pension of their own? Andrew Sheen investigates

What the financial crisis did to your pension: Part 2 - the damage

September marks the 7th anniversary of the start of the financial crisis – retiresavvy looks at the damage it did to your pension.

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