Pensions explained

Stay on top of the latest developments in the pensions landscape, from saving to investment and the regulations that affect your retirement.

What the financial crisis did to your pension: Part 1 - the crash

September marks the 7th anniversary of the start of the financial crisis – retiresavvy looks at what caused it and what happened during that time.

How much risk should I take with my pension?

Taking a degree of investment risk, alongside paying in regularly, may be seen as the bedrock of building up a pension pot. Here are several things you could consider when planning for your retirement…

What happens to my pension if my employer goes bust?

Corporate insolvency has fallen to its lowest rate since before the financial crisis, but what happens to your pension if your employer goes bust? Find out how your pension scheme could be affected and what it means for your retirement planning.

How much tax do I pay on my pension?

There’s one thing that’s constant in life and that’s taxes, but do you know how much tax you’ll pay on your pension? Find out what pension tax might look like for you and discover the key things to bear in mind.

What happens to my pension when I die?

We take a look at what happens to your pension when you die and what to consider when planning for your retirement.

Should I take my pensions as a lump sum?

Under the retirement planning reforms, you can take your entire pension as a lump sum. We examine the case for and against…

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