Preparing to retire

Retirement is a time of great change and preparing for it is key. Here you'll find helpful stories and tips to help you prepare for your future.

Over 50 and redundant – now what?

Being made redundant at any age is upsetting, but it is older workers who can find it particularly challenging to find a new job, says financial writer Kara Gammell

5 questions for a better retirement

No matter how far you are from retirement, answering these key questions could help you be better prepared

Are you growing old (dis)gracefully?

Retiresavvy finds middle age begins just after 39, but one in five Brits refuse to grow old and women have a more youthful outlook than men

Will you end up on the naughty step?

With grandparents increasingly being called on to provide childcare for their grandkids, can you stay on good terms with your own offspring if you disagree with their parenting style? Lee Rodwell investigates.

Will you be working in retirement?

Retiresavvy’s research shows that for many people, the idea of a ‘feet up’ retirement might be a thing of the past

Is ‘retired’ the hardest word to say?

Adjusting to retirement after a lifetime of work can be a challenge. Lee Rodwell considers the psychology of retirement.

Windfalls and what to do with them

If you’ve had a payrise or bonus, should you save or spurge your extra cash? Louise Ashford looks at the options


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