Preparing to retire

Retirement is a time of great change and preparing for it is key. Here you'll find helpful stories and tips to help you prepare for your future.

Get ready to retire

Is retirement on the horizon? Do you feel that it’s approaching and there’s nothing you can do about it? Jacqui Bateson looks at how you get your plans on track without the headache

Over 50 and redundant – now what?

Being made redundant at any age is upsetting, but it is older workers who can find it particularly challenging to find a new job, says financial writer Kara Gammell

Will you end up on the naughty step?

With grandparents increasingly being called on to provide childcare for their grandkids, can you stay on good terms with your own offspring if you disagree with their parenting style? Lee Rodwell investigates.

Fighting pension fraud

Pension liberation scammers want to separate you from your hard-earned savings – financial journalist Gill Wadsworth explains what to look out for

7 things you don’t think you’ll miss about work

The ‘retirement honeymoon’ wears off sooner than you’d think – and here’s what you’ll miss about work when it does.

Could retirement put a strain on your relationship?

Retiring couples face arguments, bickering and having to learn to live together again as adjusting to retirement puts a strain on their relationships, according to research from Skipton Building Society.

How can I make sure my loved ones are taken care of after I've gone?

Knowing your loved ones will be taken care of after you’re gone can be a great source of comfort. We look at what you need to know about making a Will, Inheritance Tax planning and sharing your pension.


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