Retirement planning for families

Where do you start when you're planning for retirement and looking after a family? We share hints, tips and articles to help you along the way.

For better or worse

Younger couples aren’t making a pension provision for their spouses. How might your partner get by if the worst happened? asks financial journalist Kara Gammell

Why do women have poorer pensions?

From earning less to taking time out to look after children, financial writer Gill Wadsworth examines the reasons why women miss out in retirement – and what you can do about it

The rise of grey divorce

Divorcing in later life is on the rise – but what can it mean for your finances? Financial writer Kara Gammell looks at what you should know

Get your pension in shape

Make 2016 the year you super-charge your retirement plans, says financial journalist and media commentator, Annie Shaw

Three financial moves every 20-something should make

If you or someone you know is just starting out on their career, financial writer Kara Gammell presents a few tips to get your savings off to a good start

Take charge!

Regardless of any plans your partner may have, it’s vital for women to take control of their own retirement provision, says Mel Wright

Retirement – a family affair

In her early 30s, financial writer Vicky Carr is pondering her options for retirement – and finding inspiration close to home


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