Andrew Sheen

Content Editor, retiresavvy.

Self-confessed pensions and economics geek

I’m a journalist who has spent most of my career writing about pensions and economics for trade publications, including Professional Pensions and Pensions Insight, as well as spending a stint as a press officer at a major pension scheme. 

I’m a self-confessed pensions and economics geek and I hope my background will help give the site its editorial authority – and ensure that we stay in step with the latest news and developments from the retirement industry for the benefit of our users. 

What inspires me to write

I fell into the world of pensions almost by accident, but very quickly became fascinated with the subject. It’s a cliché – but one that happens to be true – that every time you learn something, it sparks off another round of questions. 

I really do love find out new things, taking what I know and trying to make sense of it all for other people, especially given how the world’s been going these past few years.

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