The Editorial Team

The editorial team works behind the scenes of retiresavvy to bring the site to life.

They work with the bloggers and other writers featured on the site to commission and edit articles and blogs, as well as thinking up ideas for new and engaging content.

With backgrounds in pensions and economics journalism, online marketing and corporate communications, the team is dedicated to bringing you the very best information, thought-provoking comment and insight on issues that affect planning for your retirement.

The in-house retiresavvy team currently consists of 3 members and includes...

Clare Mahood – Senior Site Manager 

Clare is retiresavvy’s senior manager, who has spent most of her career developing and marketing brands.  Her recent roles have seen her focus on all things retirement and she has made it her mission to ensure that people understand what retirement will bring – the good, the bad and the ugly! 

She says: “I’m a marketer who has always been obsessed with understanding finances and planning for the future.  I hope that my passion to understand the issues that retirement can bring will ensure retiresavvy features lots of varied articles and tools that will help the readers think about and plan their retirement.  

“I’ve always been an active user of forums and really value the information and sense of community that they bring.  My aim is that the retiresavvy forum will give all users the opportunity to share, ask and comment about anything they want to relating to their retirement.”

Andrew Sheen – Content Editor 

Andrew is a journalist who spent most of his career writing about pensions and economics, as well as spending a stint as a press officer at a major pension scheme. He’s a self-confessed ‘pensions geek’ and will help ensure we stay in step with the latest news and developments from the retirement industry. 

He says: “I fell into pensions almost by accident, but very quickly became fascinated with the subject. It’s a cliché – but one that happens to be true – that every time you learn something, it sparks off another round of questions. I love finding out new things, taking what I know and trying to make sense of it all for other people.” 

Rebecca Harrison – Digital Marketing Manager 

Rebecca joined retiresavvy from Skipton Building Society’s marketing department and has several years of experience prior to that working for digital marketing agencies. During her agency life, she was responsible for creating and managing content marketing and SEO strategies for clients.

Rebecca’s Google Analytics qualified  and is loving the opportunity to use her skills in a fresh and exciting new way: “I’ve always had a passion for digital marketing, focussing on content marketing and search engine optimisation in particular and it’s great to be able to put my skills to use. I look forward to watching retiresavvy grow over the coming weeks, months and years!”

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