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Introduce yourself (Page: 1, 2, 3)
by RS_Editorial
26 9 26/08/16
Which categories should we add?
by RS_Rebecca
7 0 05/09/15
Could you live on £3.57 an hour? (Page: 1, 2)
by RS_Andrew
11 2 05/05/16
Are you ever too old?
by RS_Andrew
1 0 27/07/16

The ideal place to talk about travel, interests, hobbies, music... and anything else you can think of!

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Planning to travel during your retirement? Share your plans and experiences with others here...

15 16/10/16
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Have a particular interest or hobby you'd like to share with us? Feel free to tell us all about it here...

6 18/01/16
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Planning on giving something back to the community when you retire or already volunteering for a worthy cause? Share your plans and experiences with us here...

10 12/06/16
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Share your tips on grandparenting, making friends in retirement or having fun with your family during your retirement here...

2 24/07/15
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How do you keep fit? Share your hints and tips here and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle running up to and during retirement...

6 11/08/16

Getting ready to retire is a big decision and you’ll no doubt have questions about it. Feel free to ask away and share your own experiences with others. 

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Busy planning your retirement? Share your top tips and experiences with others who are doing the same.

40 01/05/16
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How are you saving for retirement? Have you come across any hints or tips? Here's the perfect place to share them.

66 10/06/16
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Retirement is a time of great change. Tell us how you're preparing to wind down from work and share your experiences with others.

32 15/10/16
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Keep on top of the latest pension news and how they could impact on your retirement plans here.

15 21/11/16
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Retirement planning can be daunting enough but where do you start when you're planning for retirement and looking after a family? Share your hints and tips with others here...

61 16/03/16

Retiring from work doesn't mean retiring from life! Tell us what you're doing in retirement and inspire others along the way.

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How did you settle in to retirement? Share your stories and tips with those who have just retired here.

16 18/08/15
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How do you keep busy in retirement? Do you have a hobby, interest or passion you’d like to share with us? Post about it here.
4 18/01/16
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Share your tips for staying in shape both mentally and physically here – along with any stories about saying healthy in retirement you’d like to share.
6 29/07/15
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Share your real-life stories about retirement with others and read about real experiences from other retirees here.
7 02/09/15
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