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Politics and pensions: What would you change if you were Prime Minister for a day?


With the 2015 Budget just weeks away, the new pension freedoms about to come into force and a General Election looming, retiresavvy wants to know what your priorities are for the coming year.

If you were in charge of the country for a day, what changes would you make to the pension system, and why? What would you do to make life easier for retirees? Do you think the pension changes go far enough? What would you do to improve retirement saving and planning for millions of people across the country? Or is there something else close to your heart which you would change about retirement if you could?

We’re interested in hearing your opinions about what you would do. As we approach the general election, we’ll be producing a retiresavvy retirement manifesto to put to the major political parties, and campaign about in the future, based on your ideas and with input from industry experts.

Here are a few ideas – some serious, others less so – to kick off with:

Help to stay in work longer, or work more flexibly

A lot of older people want to keep on working, but either can’t or don’t want to do a full 9-5 day any more. Retiresavvy would give older workers – those approaching retirement age or older – more rights to work flexibly in a way that suits their circumstances.

Make national travel easier with a free national bus route planner map and app

The older person's free bus pass is a great institution, and more people should take a leaf out of this couple’s book and take a bus pass tour of the UK. A free national bus route map for all retirees would make long distance bus trips easier to plan.

Mandatory tea and biscuit breaks

It’s a proven fact (well, not really!) that everything is better with tea and biscuits. Making everyone sit down for a few minutes each day for a cuppa would have a dramatically positive effect on the country.

If you had the power, what changes would you make? Sensible or serious, we want to know. But please, keep it civil – don’t insult our politicians and respect each others’ point of view.

This article has been commissioned by retiresavvy and any opinions voiced are the author's own.

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