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Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and keeping your personal information secure. This policy does not extend to external websites accessed from this site - including those of other members of the Skipton Building Society Group. Please read the terms and conditions of any other sites separately.

The Data Protection Act 1998 (see for more information) gives individuals certain rights as it defines the rules for processing personal information. It also states that those who record and process personal information, such as the Society, must be open and honest in how the information is used.

Privacy points

If any of your personal information is inaccurate or incorrect, please inform us and we will correct it.

We provide training for our employees and emphasise the need to keep data confidential.

Your telephone conversations with the Society may be recorded. This is to help the Society in its continuous attempts to improve customer service and to offer additional security.

We also retain information for evidential purposes and to meet regulatory requirements. Calls and electronic communications may also be monitored for reasons of employee training and for security of data.

The principal purpose of collecting personal data from you via this website is to assist in the efficient running of your accounts or to provide information or services specifically requested by you. When you complete our online enquiry forms, we ask for your contact details and other selected information, so that we can deal with your request as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Access to your information

The Act also allows you to find out what information the Society holds about you in return for a small fee. This is known as a "Data Subject Access Request." If you wish to know what information the Society holds about you, please write to the:

Data Protection Officer
The Bailey
Skipton Building Society
North Yorkshire
BD23 1DN

Please note our response will not include personal data from For further information on access to your personal data on retiresavvy please see below.

Retiresavvy and the retiresavvy forum

You may visit this site and read many articles and forum comments without providing us with your personal information. If you wish to make a comment you will have to register and provide us with some personal information. Your registration information, other than your chosen username is kept private and cannot be seen by anyone other than yourself and our system administrators. We use this information to enable you to post comments, for us to contact you regarding your retiresavvy account and for internal administration purposes. Your username will be published on the forum with any comment that you make.

You should never post personal information such as name, telephone number, financial information in any comment as this information may be viewed by anyone, anywhere in the world. Any comments containing personal information of this type or similar will be removed from the site by our moderators.

Access to your retiresavvy information

We only collect personal data from registered retiresavvy users. Retiresavvy holds minimal personal data about you.  All your live personal data is accessible through My retiresavvy.

As comments on our forums are intended to be conversations between you and other visitors and not a direct communication with the Society, we will not recognise a request posted through a retiresavvy forum as a Data Subject Access Request for Skipton Building Society, under the Act.

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