Retirement planning in your 40s

Retirement planning in your 40s gives you the opportunity to look at making the most of your money, understand your pension and prepare for retirement.  

Why do women have poorer pensions?

From earning less to taking time out to look after children, financial writer Gill Wadsworth examines the reasons why women miss out in retirement – and what you can do about it

The #357challenge - How we managed

We’ve taken the #357challenge to see if we could live on just the New State Pension – find out how we got on

Fighting pension fraud

Pension liberation scammers want to separate you from your hard-earned savings – financial journalist Gill Wadsworth explains what to look out for

How to retire at 55

If you want to take advantage of the pension freedoms available from age 55, here are a few things you should consider

Soap opera retirements - bursting the bubble

What kind of retirement could some of the nation’s most loved – or hated – soap characters expect? And can they tell us about planning for retirement?

Retiring with confidence - it pays to be prepared

Annie Shaw, money expert and financial commentator, shares her views on the brand new Skipton Building Society Retirement Index and why it’s never too early to start planning for life ahead

Lasting Power of Attorney

What might happen to your affairs if you were unable to make your own decisions? Financial journalist Kara Gammell examines the role Lasting Power of Attorney can play in Legacy Planning


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