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The retiresavvy Manifesto

Today we are launching the retiresavvy Manifesto, a bold statement about what we want the retiresavvy community to be and what we’ll work towards achieving over the coming months and years.

As well as articles, real-life user blogs and discussion on the forum, we want retiresavvy to contribute to the wider social debate around retirement and provide a strong voice for retirees and pre-retirees. We want retiresavvy to drive awareness of the issues facing retirees and those planning for retirement, and be a strong and positive force for change.

Based on feedback from users and expert opinion, the retiresavvy Manifesto outlines our key goals and aspirations that we will work towards.

But it’s a work in progress – we want to know what you would like to see in it, what you would like to see us do and what you think our priorities should be. Let us know in the comments, or head to our newly-launched Forum to have your say.

There are now more people aged 60 or over in the UK than there are those aged under 18 and the current generation of older people is possibly the fittest, most ambitious and vocal in history. But all too often, the perception of older people is stuck in a kind of 1950s ‘pipe and slipper’ image. We want to help challenge that.

By publishing this manifesto, we hope to demonstrate our commitment to help facilitate change and address a very real social issue – the lack of retirement readiness in the UK. Over the coming months and years, we have ambitious plans that we’re looking forward to put into action.

Here are our commitments, you can also download a copy of the manifesto as a pdf:

The retiresavvy Manifesto

Retiresavvy believes that retirement is the start of an exciting new journey, not the end. Over the next year and beyond, we’ll be working hard to help make the following aspirations a reality:

A paradigm shift around the perception of retirees

‘Waiting for god’ will no longer cut it. Today’s retirees are more active and savvy than ever and actively reject traditional images of old age, seeing retirement as an exciting new phase of life rather than an end of something.
Retiresavvy will:

  • Actively challenge perceptions around retirees and retirement, champion alternative viewpoints and approaches to retirement and be an active ambassador for a new approach to retirement;
  • Conduct groundbreaking research into how retirees and older workers perceive themselves and their role in society and actively work to help shift perceptions.

An open conversation about legacy planning

Knowing that you’ve made plans for the future can be a great source of comfort. From writing a Will to talking to loved ones about your wishes, having plans in place for tomorrow means you can go on living your life to the full today.
Retiresavvy says:

  • Legacy planning too often has negative connotations and is met with apathy or denial. We need to tackle taboos around thinking about end-of-life issues;
  • Making a Will and thinking about Inheritance Tax issues should be a central part of on-going retirement planning, not an afterthought.

A helping hand around retirement planning and awareness

It’s never been more important to take control of your retirement planning, yet the options have never been more complex.
Retiresavvy calls for:

  • Wider access to information and education around retirement planning issues, delivered in the way that best suits people’s needs;
  • Better education for those in the prime of their careers (e.g. 40+), whose decisions are still able to have a material impact on their retirement outcomes.

An honest diagnosis of health and long term care needs

Today’s retirees can expect to live longer than any generation in history. But with that comes the responsibility to look after themselves and take steps to stay healthy, as well as planning for the eventualities of Long Term Care.
Retiresavvy will:

  • Help to educate retirees about the importance of good health, producing guides and articles to help retirees make the most of an active lifestyle;
  • Help educate and empower people around Long Term Care to help them make better choices when planning and considering their options.

An active role for retirees at the heart of local communities

From one generation to another, today’s retirees have so much to give. From mentoring to volunteering, retirees have a vital role to play at the heart of their communities.
Retiresavvy believes:

  • The fear of social isolation and feelings of a loss of value that some people experience on retiring can be tackled in a positive, inspirational way;
  • The support that retiree volunteers give their local communities can create enjoyable, engaging and better places to live, while helping them make the most of their retired years.

What do you think of the retiresavvy Retirement Manifesto? What would you change about retirement if you could? Let us know in the comments below or head to the Forum

This article has been commissioned by retiresavvy and any opinions voiced are the author's own.

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