Opportunities in semi-retirement

There are plenty of opportunities for those who are semi-retired, from mentoring to volunteering, we share some ideas with you.

Travel insurance for pre-existing conditions

Picking the right travel insurance might not be as fun as packing the suntan lotion, but is just as important if you don’t want to get financially burnt, says Kara Gammell

Changing a career

If you’re thinking about a change of career as you head towards retirement, play to your strengths says Annie Shaw

VIDEO: Stay healthy, happy and active in retirement

Want to make the most of your retirement? Keeping healthy, happy and active is key. Our new video has some top tips that might help you keep a spring in your step

Life’s too short for sugarcraft…!

The Calendar Girls speak to retiresavvy about their thoughts on retirement, why they’re busier than ever and why it’s important to plan ahead.

Volunteering in retirement

The over 50s are the most generous volunteers – financial writer Melanie Wright looks at how you can help give something back.

Retiring abroad: Using technology to stay in touch

Modern technology means living aboard need not mean missing out on friends and family at home, says Ceri Wheeldon.

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