Planning to retire

Even if you're semi-retired, it still helps to plan your future for when you retire fully from work. 

The downsizing delusion

While your home might be your castle, there are good reasons why it shouldn’t be your pension, says financial writer Kara Gammell

5 questions for a better retirement

No matter how far you are from retirement, answering these key questions could help you be better prepared

Seven ways to boost your state pension

Annie Shaw looks at how you can make the most of the state pension

Will you be working in retirement?

Retiresavvy’s research shows that for many people, the idea of a ‘feet up’ retirement might be a thing of the past

Why do women have poorer pensions?

From earning less to taking time out to look after children, financial writer Gill Wadsworth examines the reasons why women miss out in retirement – and what you can do about it

Fighting pension fraud

Pension liberation scammers want to separate you from your hard-earned savings – financial journalist Gill Wadsworth explains what to look out for

Take the #357challenge

The New State Pension works out to a ‘wage’ of just £3.57 an hour. Could you live on that?


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