Settling into semi-retirement

Adapting to any new routine takes some getting used to. We share hints and tips to help you settle into semi-retirement.

Paying the bills when running a business

If you’ve set up a business in retirement, the last thing you want to worry about is your tax bill, says Louise Farrand

The financial side of setting up a business

From registering as a business, to keeping your accounts in order and paying tax – it’s important not to overlook the financial aspects of your enterprise, says Louise Farrand

How to grow your retirement start-up business

No matter how great your idea for a business in retirement, finding customers is key, says Louise Farrand

Setting up your own business in retirement

Retirement doesn’t have to be the end of work – it can be the start of a whole new career, says Louise Farrand

Do we all need a shed?

Are you parallel players or joined at the hip? Lee Rodwell asks how much time couples should spend together.

How to argue so you both win

More time together can mean more time arguing about the same old things – going round and round in circles without getting anywhere. But arguments don’t have to be this way. Lee Rodwell explains.

Are you growing old (dis)gracefully?

Retiresavvy finds middle age begins just after 39, but one in five Brits refuse to grow old and women have a more youthful outlook than men


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