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The meaning of retirement – a different generation

John Adams is a stay at home dad, and author of Dad Blog UK. In response to the Skipton Building Society ‘Meaning of Retirement’ survey, he wrote about what retirement might look like for him. John’s blog covers a range of his thoughts on retirement:
  • Planning for retirement is on his mind but his finances are not as healthy as the typical father who has worked full-time all their life
  • He will be reliant on his wife’s retirement income and plan
  • He feels the views of retirement highlighted in the survey are outdated
  • He sees his retirement involving caring for grandchildren.

A different take on retirement

John disagrees with those who were surveyed in the Skipton Building Society research, arguing that the assumptions made by the participants are no longer applicable to his generation.
In his blog, John argues that finally salary pensions and jobs for life are both old-fashioned concepts. He says, combining this with the fact that life expectancy is increasing, child care costs are rising and mortgage payments are a huge drain on finances, "retirement at 65 with the intention of holidays, pursuit of hobbies and relaxing is not currently realistic".
John predicts that we’ll be caring for our grandchildren, and when we are not doing that we will all need part time jobs to supplement our pension. He feels our retirement will be as busy as our 40s.
All this being said, he doesn't view retirement as a negative - quite the opposite, he is looking forward to a happy retirement. However, being someone who "doesn’t do relaxing", he prefers the thought of being kept busy, and being needed is something he looks forward to.
Consider the fact that our own children are going to have crippling mortgages and that childcare costs can only go north, and the picture for my generation is very different indeed. Retirement at the age of 65 and going on frequent holidays just isn’t realistic.
Find out more about John’s views on retirement and read the full article here.
Do you agree with John? Will you be a ‘typical’ retiree or will your circumstances affect you differently? Share your thoughts with us below.
This article has been commissioned by retiresavvy and any opinions voiced are the author's own.


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