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The meaning of retirement – is keeping active the key?

David has been retired for two years and writes his own blog, where he shares stories of his retirement.  After deliberating over Skipton Building Society’s research on the ‘Meaning of Retirement’, he felt that some of the outcomes were pretty unsurprising but he was also concerned to hear some others.
In David’s take on the ‘Meaning of Retirement’:
  • He feels that the notion that people’s views become more positive the closer they get to retirement is only natural
  • He comments that people seem naive given that the top phrases and keywords that came up around the meaning of retirement were carefree, holidays and golden years.

Is keeping active the key?

David’s situation, having worked as a university professor, meant he was lucky enough to be enrolled in a pension plan for 36 years, and he’s grateful of this, as he never gave it a second thought.
He ended up retiring earlier than planned, forced into it by a minor stroke and the opportunity to opt for the voluntary severance scheme offered by his university. From wanting to work for several more years to retiring in a total of weeks from making the decision, the more negative words people associate with retirement such as end of an era, boredom, ill health and depressing were top of his list.
David’s conclusion on the ‘Meaning of Retirement’, however, is that by keeping active and doing things that make him happy, and that he’s interested in, it’s possible to change the negative connotations around retirement to positive ones. Not only has he travelled across the USA (read about it in Route 66 at 66), he’s also spent time delivering psychology lectures on a cruise ship!
Find out more about David’s take on a happy retirement and read the full article here.
Have you thought about how you’ll fill your time and keep active in retirement? We’d love to hear about your plans so please share them with us below.
This article has been commissioned by retiresavvy and any opinions voiced are the author's own.


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