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The meaning of retirement – should it be pointless?

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Alan Burnett, blogger at News from Nowhere, recently read Skipton Building Society’s ‘Meaning of Retirement’ survey, provoking a few thoughts on his own retirement.
Having been recently considering retirement or, as he prefers to word it, ‘thinking about the notion of retirement’, the research by Skipton Building Society stimulated some thoughts for Alan.
  • Alan on the most part agreed with the sentiments expressed by the survey findings
  • However there was one word missing in his opinion… pointless!

A pointless retirement?

Alan’s take on the meaning of retirement and what it takes to have a happy retirement stems from his view that for all our working lives we have specific points to focus on. We have targets, aims and objectives, and we are in a process of moving from point to point. With retirement, often this all disappears. For him the meaning of retirement is about being pointless.
"Now that I am retired, I worship the irrelevant with religious-like ferocity. I waste my time with all the passion and energy of a stock trader. I wander down intellectual side-streets in search of whatever may come my way. I take instructions from nobody and report back to no one. To me, that is the point of retirement, it is pointless."
See what else he had to say about retirement and read his full article here.
Do you agree or disagree with Alan? Share your thoughts with us below.
This article has been commissioned by retiresavvy and any opinions voiced are the author's own.


Although Alan expresses this lightheartedly, it's a really important point he's making. If you've spent your whole life being focused on achievement and progress, will it be a horrible shock for that to go? I think I'm looking forward to just pottering about in my garden shed, but will that the change to pointlessness actually be quite hard?

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