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Wishing you a happy New Year!


Well, another year is beginning and, as always, it’s a spur for us all to get a few things in order and think about what we want from the next 12 months and beyond.

2014 was quite a year for anyone planning their retirement, no matter what stage of the journey they are at. Pending changes to how we can access our pensions brought both fresh opportunity and the potential for greater confusion in an area already fraught with complexity.

…Which is why retiresavvy is here.

 2015 really is a fresh new start for us, having launched to an invited audience in December 2014. We’re here to try to help our users plot a path through the uncertainties surrounding retirement, as well as inspiring you to visualise and achieve your aspirations.

With that in mind, we have big plans for the next 12 months. We will cover all sorts of topics, from the specific challenges women face when planning for retirement, to options for the self-employed. And we’ll continue to bring these insights to you from a varied range of perspectives, including expert, well known public figures, our team of bloggers and people just like you.

Later this year, we’ll be launching the new retiresavvy forum, a virtual meeting place where you’ll be able to get together with other like-minded individuals and share insights, experiences and questions.

We’ll also be reacting to the big retirement-related developments, with regular news roundups. There will be competitions, monthly guides and an e-newsletter capturing the latest developments affecting retiresavvy and the retirement sphere at large.

Retiresavvy is on a mission to help users achieve more from their lives-after-work and change the way retirement is perceived. But we can only do this with your support, so please help us achieve our New Year’s Resolution, by getting involved and sharing your stories, ideas and questions. Email us at with your questions, ideas and suggestions.

Wishing a fantastic New Year to all of you from all at retiresavvy!

Tracy Fletcher



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